The Application Review Committee (ARC) was established by Executive Order
96-26 and is formulated for the purpose of providing the Guam Land Use
Commission (GLUC) and Guam Seashore Protection Commission (GSPC) with
technical and professional review, analysis, and advice through individual
agency positions concerning various development activities on Guam.

Within its mandated area of authority, each ARC agency is required to:

  • Ensure compliance with applicable law, regulatory standards,
    procedures, policies, and rules within its mandated area of concern;
  • Evaluate alternative development strategies with the applicant to
    provide the best development plan for the developer and the community; and
  • Develop and provide official position statements on applications
    submitted to the GLUC and GSPC.

As a member of the ARC, GCMP provides technical analysis and advice to the
Guam Land Use Commission on development activities that do not meet zoning
codes through position statements. The Bureau forwards a position statement
for each application reviewed to the GLUC for approval or disapproval.


Summary Report
LRC Summary: October 2013 to March 2014
Position Statements
LRC Position Statement: October 2013 to March 2014

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