Geographic Information System

The Guam Coastal Management Program’s GIS Section is responsible for the development of mapping tools and products to assist the agency’s planners in reviewing and planning for the wide range of land use, socio-economic, and environmental issues it is tasked with.

Under the Office of the Governor, GIS Section is a map and remotely sensed imagery repository whose collections consists of hard copy paper and mylar maps, digital map products and data, numerous GIS data layers, aerial ortho-rectified photography, and satellite imagery.

The GIS Section functions as the de-facto State GIS Data Warehouse for Federal Agencies working with the Government of Guam. The majority of this map and land use data repository is available to all Government of Guam agencies, private sector, and general public. The maps and data are used for a variety of purposes that includes, but is not limited to, land use planning, routing of government services, environmental management, analysis of development project impacts, emergency planning, response, and disaster recovery efforts.

The GIS Section assists agencies such as Guam Homeland Security, Office of Civil Defense, Disaster Recovery and Hazard Mitigation Office, Department of Public Works, and so forth in their efforts at utilizing GIS and Global Positioning Systems technology and by securing grants to acquire mapping, satellite imagery, and aerial photography products that are of value to the community as a whole.

The GIS Section is also the de-facto lead in the Government of Guam for the development and utilization of Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems (GIS/GPS) technology and tools to improve land use planning, and planning in general, by improving the overall operational efficiency and effectiveness of government agencies.

For more information on the products and activities contact the GIS Manager or GIS Mapping Technician at the GIS Section.

GIS User Group

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Map Viewers

Guam International Coastal Cleanup Story Map

Quinene Hill Tree Planting

Basta I Basula

Guam Land Use Features

This site, also offers helpful links by our counter-parts, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) links are as follows:

• Tsunami Evacuation Map: This map depicts the tsunami evacuation zones (shaded in pink) developed by your local emergency management agency.

• Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP): These evacuation zones provide the minimum safe evacuation distance.

• Sea Level Rise & Coastal Flooding Impacts

Hafa Adai and Welcome to the Government of Guam's map viewer page. This site is offerred as a public service to allow visitors to view digital maps of Guam maintained by the Bureau of Statistics and Plans. The map features displayed on this page are based on information provided by various Government of Guam agencies. Map data can also be viewed and will be made available for download at our geoportal site in the near future.

Geospatial Database Portal

Guam Spatial Data Infrastructure

Coastal Risks and Vulnerability Assessments

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Coastal Shoreline Change Analysis

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Guam Coastal cleanup

Guam Coastal Cleanup description text.

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