Guidebook to Development Requirements on Guam

The Bureau of Statistics and Plans is pleased to release the Guidebook to Development Requirements on Guam.

The purpose of this GUIDE is to acquaint the public with laws, regulations, permits, clearances and established guideline for development on Guam. The term “development” is employed here in its broadest sense, encompassing all categories of construction, earthmoving, and agriculture, as well as other types of land use and water- oriented construction.

This GUIDE delineates each type of requirement for development by summarizing its purpose and nature, citing the Government agency with authority for approval, describing the application review process, presenting facsimiles of appropriate applications, and suggesting additional references for more detailed information.

Developers are advised to consult with the appropriate government agencies as early as possible in the project planning stage. Staff at the Department of Public Works, the Department of Land Management, the Guam Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau of Statistics and Plans are helpful in determining which laws, regulations, permits clearances are required for a particular project.