The Guam Coastal Management Program’s GIS Section is responsible for the development of mapping tools and products to assist planners, communities, and natural resource managers in addressing a wide range of land-use, socio-economic, and environmental issues.


The GIS Section functions as the de-facto State GIS Data warehouse for federal agencies working with the Government of Guam as well as for GIS data collected among Government of Guam Agencies. The majority of the map and land use data repository is available to all Government of Guam agencies, private sector, and general public. The maps and data are used for a variety of purposes that includes, but is not limited to, land use planning, routing of government services, enforcement, environmental management, analysis of development impacts, and, emergency planning, response, and disaster recovery efforts. The data inventory consist of remotely sensed imagery in hardcopy paper and mylar maps, digital map, numerous GIS data layers, and aerial ortho-rectified photography.


The GIS Section is also the de-facto lead in the Government of Guam for the development and utilization of Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems (GIS/GPS) technology to improve land use planning, and planning in general, by improving the overall operational efficiency and effectiveness of government agencies.

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This site is offered as a public service to allow visitors to view digital maps of Guam maintained by the Bureau of Statistics and Plans. The map features displayed on this page are based on information provided by various Government of Guam agencies. Map data can also be viewed and will be made available for download at our geoportal site in the near future.


This site also offers helpful links by our counter-parts, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


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Coastal Cleanup Story Map
Guam’s 22nd International Coastal Cleanup 2016 Story Map
Government Land Use Features
Government Land Use Features
Public Land Use Features
Land Mobile App
Land Mobile App
Geo Portal Spatial Database
Geo Portal Spatial Database
Quinene Hill Tree Planting
Quinene Hill Tree Planting Map
Basta I Basula Map
Guam’s 23rd International Coastal Cleanup 2017 Story Map
Coastal Change Analysis Program C-CAP
Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts
Tsunami Evacuation Map
Tsunami Evacuation Map

A Trimble Zephyr Geodetic Model 3 antenna was installed in a permanent capacity on top of the north elevator shaft of Memorial Hospital located in Tamuning, Guam.
The GNSS antenna installation hardware consists of a 2-inch diameter stainless steel mast mounted to an adapter that was cemented into 3 drill holes in the concrete roof. A leveling adaptor is fixed to the top of the mast that facilitates a permanent point of reference that remains fixed regardless of antenna removal or model change.
The antenna lead was routed into an existing cable chase located near the southwest corner of the elevator shaft. The cable exits the cable chase into the ceiling of the third floor northward to the server room where the Trimble NetR9 GNSS Receiver was installed. An in-line lightening arrestor was installed within the cable chase shortly before the cable exits into the ceiling.

For more information, read the Final Report.

Base Station 1
Reference Point to Bottom of Antenna Offset: 0.0350 meters. The Permanent GNSS Base Station is GUVOV.
GMH Base Station Base Station 2
Observation Files



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