GUAM 2065

Guam 2065 is a 50-year-strategic vision created by professionals, academics, artists, students, teachers, activists, and more who participated in three public conventions to share ideas and perspectives on how they vision Guam in 50 years. The following is the development of the 8 component plans to create the Comprehensive Guam Master Plan and to ensure the attainment of the 50-year-strategic vision, Guam 2065:

Land master plan– This team will create a new land use plan for Guam, taking the broad tenets of the Strategic Vision and detailing plans to guide the development of land and property.

Guam capital improvements projects plan– This team will plan all public construction needed to achieve the Strategic Vision. This includes systems and modes of personal and mass transportation (air, land, sea), energy production and consumption, water distribution and wastewater disposal, flood, stormwater and erosion mitigation, environmental protection, waste disposal, and public buildings, facilities and equipment.

Tax code development– This team will start its work last, because it will develop a new tax code based on the resource needs defined by the other seven components of the Comprehensive Master Plan.

Government modernization plan– This team will propose the modernization of our laws, regulations, and the government structure needed to achieve the strategic vision in all facets of public service.

Workforce rehabilitation– This plan will set forth actionable strategies and steps to train and place those who currently are unemployed and underemployed. This rehabilitation plan also will address rehabilitation of at-risk high-school age Guamanians and immigrants, whom the Imagine Guam education blueprints will not be able to capture in time.

Social stabilization plan– This is the portion of the Comprehensive Master Plan that produces solutions to the overarching social problems of today: poverty, crime, chronic disease, lacking services for veterans, the elderly and children in need, homelessness, equal access and opportunity for people with special ability, respect for the environment, and pride in our culture. This is, in essence, and integrated economic development plan.

Career listing development– This team will establish a matrix of career fields needed to build the industries and community envisioned. This team will create a list of careers needed to build and sustain the industries and public workforce of 2065. This list will not be an exact enumeration of jobs. It will identify the career paths needed between now and 2065 to build the economy and community of the future.

Education blueprint– This team will build the linchpin of Imagine Guam. This team will gather educators and curricula planners from public and private schools to determine standards, alignments, curriculum, and the physical and IT needs to move future generations into the established career paths.

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