Presidential Executive Order 12372, the “Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs”, was enacted on July 14, 1982. E.O.12372 provides for the establishment of a new process “to foster an intergovernmental partnership and strengthened Federalism by relying on state and local processes for the state and local government coordination and review” of Federal programs. In effect, while Presidential E.O.12372 no longer makes it mandatory for federal grant applications to undergo state and local review, it did leave it to the States’ discretion to either continue or discontinue reviews. Guam has determined to continue intergovernmental review functions, thus all grant applications must undergo the intergovernmental review process.


The primary purpose for intergovernmental review of federal programs is to examine program/projects for their territory-wide impacts and relationship to comprehensive plans, policies, or laws; and to ensure that proposed programs/projects can function in a coordinated manner with plans and activities already in operation, and that they will not duplicate programs already established.

The Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs, headed by the Office of the Governor, is made up of the Bureau of Budget and Management Research and the Bureau of Statistics and Plans. Generally, the Bureau of Statistics and Plans reviews federal grant applications from a programmatic perspective, while the Bureau of Budget and Management Research reviews grant applications from a budgetary perspective.

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