The Bureau of Statistics and Plans’ mission is to ensure Guam’s resources are effectively used for the benefit of present and future generations by ensuring consistency among various plans, policies and programs.

In order to do this, the Bureau is committed to

– Serve as a catalyst for planned and balanced economic, social, environmental and physical growth;
– Advise the Governor during the formulation of policies and on the interrelationships among laws, plans, policies and programs;
– Provide oversight during the formulation and integration of plans, policies and programs which further social, economic, environmental and physical development goals and priorities;
– Encourage private/public partnerships in the formulation and implementation of plans, policies and programs;
– Ensure the availability of information generated by the Government of Guam for policy and plan development;
– Provide technical and support to other Government of Guam entities in order that they can meet their missions; and
– Ensure the availability of timely and accurate statistical indices that are required to make sound decisions to improve Guam’s economic viability.

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