1. Kika Clearwater Summer Camp is an annual environmental sports program going on its 7th year providing a ridge-to-reef experience for children entering 3rd grade up to the 7th grade. Campers are immersed in nature through hikes to Guam’s watersheds and various eco-systems. Campers will discover how activities on land can impact our environments and coral reef resources, and so much more!For more information please contact Ms. Brenda Atalig at 475-9647 or email at brenda.atalig@bsp.guam.goviii. The Guam Nature Alliance (GNA) is a group of environmental advocates dedicated to helping the community protect and connect with our island’s natural resources created by the Governor’s Executive Order 2014-07. GNA is a partnership with various Government of Guam agencies, federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and educators. GNA focuses on three resource areas; Tasi (Sea), Hanmon (Freshwater), and Tano (Land). GNA’s mission is to instill environmental responsibility and pride, perpetuate Chamorro culture, increase scientific and environmental literacy, support activities and publications, tie people with nature, and provide facilitation between other groups. GNA continues to provide environmental stewardship education and activities with quarterly events involving ridge to reef approaches.To find out more about GNA and its events please visit – guamnaturealliance.org

    • Additional Link: Kika Camp Story Map– check link with GIS

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    • Info: 6th Annual Kika Clearwater Group Photo Session 1

    • Info: 6th Annual Kika Clearwater Group Photo Session 2

    • Info: 6th Annual Kika Clearwater Group Photo Session 3

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