Planning and Information Program

The Planning Information Program is responsible for coordinating the Government of Guam’s data management activities to ensure availability of and access to the information required for government-planning and policy purposes. The program coordinates information management within the Government of Guam to develop improved data capabilities including the following:

1. Improve communication between the producers and users of data

2. Develop more coordinated flow of data and information between agencies

3. Identify and eliminate some of existing gaps in available information

4. Provide direct assistance to agencies with data needs

The Planning Information Program’s overall objective is to facilitate the delivery of economic, social, and physical data to planners and other individuals with information requirements.

The Planning Information Program has been tasked with the overall effort to provide an annual Impact of the Compact of Free Association report to Congress on the costs incurred by the Government of Guam as a result of any increased demands placed on educational and social services by the Freely Associated States citizens.
The Bureau of Statistics and Plans serves as the lead agency of the Guam State Data program. The Planning Information Program is responsible for dissemination of Census Data products to State Data Center Affiliates and participating Census data collection programs.
The Planning Information Program manages the Western Pacific Fishery Information Network (WPacFIN) program, the western Pacific component to the Pacific Fishery Network. This is a cooperative effort of the Pacific areas in the collection, processing, analysis, and management of fisheries data to develop, implement, and evaluate fishery management plans for the western Pacific region.

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