6th Assembly of Planners
Symposium Guam

August 18 & 19 2021

August 18 & 19, 2021

About this event

The purpose of the Assembly of Planners Symposium is to address meaningful land and natural coastal resource issues that could be resolved through the collective focus of Guam’s planning, resource, and policy communities through a forum that:
• Works to improve management systems and advance good policy;
• Discusses issues through the use of science, data, and research that serve as the foundation for decisions;
• Provides professionals with the opportunity for face-to-face discussion and sharing of information that is useful in identify solutions, improving services, and avoid or mitigate the adverse effects of poor planning, development, and natural hazards
• Works to optimize and coordinate comprehensive planning

About PRiMO

The Pacific Risk Management ‘Ohana, works to bring people and organizations together, channeling their efforts toward common goals to help Pacific Island communities become more resilient to the impacts of natural hazards.
PRiMO will facilitate a discussion of the opportunities presented by a coordinated, integrated all-of-Guam approach to disaster recovery, encompassing both the current COVID recovery effort and future recoveries from disasters of any type.
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