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Agency Directory

Director Lola  Leon Guerrero 475-9661
Deputy Matthew Santos 475-9670
ASO Terry Cuabo 475-9677
AO Emily Blaz 475-9681
AO Heather  Perez 475-9669
AA Natasha Taitague 475-9662
AA Rowena  Tydingco 475-9682

Socio-Economic Planning Program

Planner IV Millie Erguiza 475-9674
Planner III Sonia  Siliang 475-4467
Planner III Diana  Brennan 475-9684
Planner III Ray Dungca 475-9683
Planner III (DOC) Jim Terbio 735-4006/4016
Planner I (DYA)  Christina  Cruz 475-5020
Planning Information Program
Acting Chief Planner Monica Guerrero 475-9679
Planner IV April Trinidad 475-9680
Planner III Esther Camacho 300-7650
Planner II Sherry Chargualaf 475-9678
Planner I Mariana Otte 475-9685
Data Control Clerk II Clarissa  Manley 300-9207
Statistical Tech II Paul  Gogue 300-9207
Guam Coastal Management Program
Administrator Edwin  Reyes 475-9672
Planner IV Esther Taitague 475-9673
Planner III Christian Benitez 475-4468
Planner III Yvonne Manglona-Juaneza 300-9665
Biologist II Camille Quichocho 475-9664
Planner II James Pangelinan 475-9666
PC III Steven  Dierking 475-9647
PC III Brandy-Jose Martinez 475-9671
Business and Economic Statistics Program
Statistician II Anton Pitter 300-9683
Data Control Clerk II Cynthia Ignacio 300-9685
Statistician I Glenn  Paulino 300-9685

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