Guåhan 2050 Sustainability Plan

A roadmap to a prosperous economy, healthy environment, and thriving island culture for present and future generations of Guam.

How You Can Contribute

The Government of Guam invites all residents to contribute to the Guåhan 2050 Sustainability Plan, a roadmap for sustainable growth, development, and conservation in Guam. Although our community engagement events have ended, you still have the opportunity to get Involved! Contribute by filling out our surveys covering the following topics:

Thriving Environment: How can we protect and enhance Guam’s natural beauty?

Prosperous Economy: What strategies will drive sustainable economic growth?

Sustainable Communities: How do we build resilient and inclusive neighborhoods?

Vibrant Culture: How should Guam best preserve its unique cultural heritage?

Guam needs your participation to make a plan that works for everyone. Links and QR Codes to surveys that apply to these 4 topics are below, please feel free to contact us at (671) 472-4201/2/3 or at GSP2050@BSP.Guam.Gov.  A draft plan will be coming later in the year, also, with future public hearings to consider planning directions for the future.

Plan Elements

§ 1210. Content of the Plan.The Plan shall be guided by, but not limited to, the United Nations (UN) Global Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States (A/CONF.167/9)and the UN’s Sustainable Development goals, each as determined applicable to Guåhan. It shall contain specific elements as follows:

Planning Process Roadmap


Agency roles, integration, capacity


Current and recent public policies and plans


Objectives to achieve the vision


Community attitudes & perspectives


Develop an updated comprehensive plan

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