Guam Agriculture Census

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) conducted the 2018 Guam Census of Agriculture, analyzed the data, and prepared this and other reports. The census provides a comprehensive picture of Guam’s agriculture in 2018, and NASS recognizes and appreciates that many individuals and organizations contributed to the effort.
Most importantly, the success of the agriculture census depends directly on the cooperation of farmers and ranchers across Guam. Recognizing that participating in the census is their responsibility and gives them a voice in their future, agricultural operators took the time to provide the information requested. We are grateful to every operator who participated in the 2018 Guam Census of Agriculture.
NASS acknowledges and appreciates the advice and support from the University of Guam, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, and its Cooperative Extension and Outreach Service; the Guam Department of Agriculture;
various USDA agencies, farm organizations, stakeholder groups, and media outlets. They provided valuable advice during the planning, data collection, and promotional phases of the census, as well as critical assistance to local farmers completing census forms. Our thanks to the enumerators who collected data locally through NASS’ cooperative agreements.
Members of the inter-agency working group, under the leadership of the University of Guam, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, made significant recommendations which helped establish data content. NASS appreciates the group’s strong and consistent support of census programs.
Numerous farm organizations and media outlets were also instrumental in building awareness of the census and encouraging farmers and ranchers to participate. 


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