Guam Coastal Management Program, Bureau of Statistics and Plans

 DATE: October 24, 2023

 NOTICE: The Guam Coastal Management Program has submitted a program change request to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office for Coastal Management (OCM) under 15 CFR § 923.84 (federal regulations implementing the national Coastal Zone Management Act). The request seeks OCM’s approval to incorporate changes to the Guam Coastal Management Program’s Program Authorities.

 PURPOSE OF NOTICE: This is an opportunity to submit comments on this program change. This notice has been sent to affected and interested parties including local governments, state agencies, and regional offices of relevant federal agencies as required by 15 CFR §923.84. The Coastal Zone Management Act regulations require states with Coastal Zone Management Programs (CZMP) to submit to OCM changes that affect federal approval of a state’s CZMP.

Guam’s CZMP: The Guam Coastal Management Program (GCMP) of the Bureau of Statistics and Plans manages and administers Guam’s CZMP, which defines the coastal zone as the entire island of Guam with a seaward outer limit of three nautical miles. GCMP is a networked agency with a number of agencies and instrumentalities of the Government of Guam principally responsible for certain coastal management activities. GCMP’s Program Authorities are outlined in the Guam Coastal Management Program and Final Environmental Impact Statement (Volume 1, pg. 114-116), and additional authorities as were adopted by Guam’s 1990 Routine Program Implementation, Guam’s 2013 Routine Program Change, and Guam’s 2023 Program Change (GU-2022-1).

 DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED CHANGES: GCMP is updating its Program Authorities that it uses to review and make decisions on projects. The proposed changes to Program Authorities include an authority which is under the principal responsibility of the Chamorro Land Trust Commission. The proposed change under the Chamorro Land Trust Commission is the addition of the Guam Undersea Access for Homes Act (GUAHA), 21 GCA Ch. 75A Art. 2. In support of GCMP’s request, GCMP has provided a brief overview description of the proposed program change, a brief summary of the changes of the authority and how the management program as changed is different from the previously approved management program, and a program change table.

Guam 2022 Program Change (GU-2023-1) Documents:

Any comments on this program change to Guam’s approved Coastal Management Program should be submitted directly to the NOAA Office of Coastal Management on NOAA’s Program Change website under File Number GU-2023-1 at:

Comments on this program change request must be submitted within 21 days of this notice.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For additional information please contact: Edwin Reyes at (671) 475-9672;

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