Through a cooperative partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau, the Bureau of Statistics and Plans is working with community stakeholders to plan and prepare for the 2020 Census on Guam to include activities involving enumeration procedures, geography, housing and population topics, and questionnaire wording and content.

The Bureau of Statistics and Plans serves as the lead agency to the Guam State Data Center, a cooperative program developed to provide easy and efficient access to the U.S. Census Bureau data. The Bureau serves as the official repository of Census data and information and is responsible for dissemination of Census data products to State Data Center Affiliates and participating Census Bureau data collection programs. Additionally, the Bureau provides technical assistance to data users through use of the American Factfinder to access and download Census data.


The census of agriculture is the leading source of statistics about Guam’s agricultural production and the only source of consistent, comparable data at the election district level. Census statistics are used to measure agricultural production and to identify trends in an ever changing agricultural sector. Many local programs use census data as a benchmark for designing and evaluating surveys. Private industry uses census statistics to provide a more effective production and distribution system for the agricultural community.

1998 Census of Agriculture, Guam

1992 Census of Agriculture, Guam