The Bureau of Statistics and Plans, Guam Coastal Management Program, in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office for Coastal Management held the 5th Assembly of Planners’ Symposium at the Dusit Thani Guam Resort on February 20, 2020.The symposium consisted of three main tracks: flood control, land use planning, and zero-waste. Panelists were management experts from the field who discussed and addressed real-life scenarios island-wide. In addition to agency displays, there were three concurrent workshops from the US Army Corps of Engineers, Guam Coastal Management Program, and NOAA Office for Coastal Management.

Presenter Slides:


Climate Change Resilience Commission Report –
Evangeline D. Lujan, Chairwoman

Track 1- Flood Control
Marie Auyong, NOAA Coastal Zone Management Liaison

US Army Corps of Engineers
Jeff Herzog, USACE Silver Jackets Coordinator

Guam Coastal Management Program
Edwin Reyes, Administrator

An Introduction to Federal Consistency –
Julian Janssen, Federal Consistency Coordinator,

Guam Coastal Management Program

Decisions Support Tools – Digital Coast
Marie Auyong, NOAA Coastal Zone Management Liaison
Esther Taitague,  Guam Coastal Management Program

Guam Forest System Plan
Chelsa Muña-Brecht,  Director, Guam Department of Agriculture
Jathan Muna Barnes, Land Use Planner, Guam Coastal Management Program

Track – 3   Zero Waste -Biosolids
Composting Demonstration Project.
Todd O. Williams, P.E., BCEE, Jacobs

Guam Food Waste Report & Food Recovery Opportunity

Cory Hinds, P.E., Project Manager, Jacobs

Waste Composition Study

Cory Hinds, P.E., Project Manager, Jacobs

What’s Next? Description: Update on the efforts on zero waste community outreach and education for Guam.

Therese Arroyo-Matanane, Managing Partner
Cathy Gogue, Director, Client Services
Greenlight Media Productions



Assembly of Planners 4 Symposium

Feb 6, 2019

Assembly of Planners’ 2019 Symposium Agenda

Session I


3 2-6-2019-CDR BEARDEN

FlameTree Permitting Improvements through Technology

1 Reyes_APS4 Presentation

Session II

first – GEDA_Opportunities_Planner Symposium

second – Historic Revitalization Plans JoeQuinata

third – Multi-Generaltional Village Planning – MikeMakio

Session III

Compiler Guidance for Drafting GARR (April 2013)

GARR Drafting Presentation AOP Symposium (February 6, 2019)

Session IV

Joe Mafnas Forest Conditions and Trends

Session V

first Guam 2019 Assembly of Planners Bradley Watson

third GHS-OCD_APS4_20190206 Leo

3P: Plan, Protect, Progress

Mar 13, 2018

Assembly of Planners’ 2018 Symposium Agenda

Planning the Village of Tomorrow

Nov 30, 2016

2nd Assembly of Planners’ 2016 Symposium Agenda

Guam Coastal Management hosted its second Assembly of Planners on the 30th of November. The mission of the assembly is to address the many challenges governmental departments face while balancing land use, resource protection, and governmental cooperation.  It is the hope of Guam Coastal Management that by hosting the Assembly of Planners, the participants would leave with a better understanding of smart development, enhanced cooperation techniques, and an overall improved understanding of partnering agencies’ edicts and missions.

159 people from a variety of agencies and businesses attended this event that lasted from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. If you are interested in seeing the information that was discussed during the assembly you can find both the program and the PowerPoints via the links below.

The Environment, Communities, and Economy: Realizing a Framework for Working Together to Plan our Future

Mar 8, 2016

Assembly of Planners’ 2016 Symposium Agenda


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