Established in 1997, GovGuam established the Coral Reef Initiative to address threats to the reefs.

The CRI Provides funding for management and protection of coral reef ecosystems in the insular areas (CFDA 15.875).

Socio-Economic Planning Program participates and leads these conservation efforts along with Guam Coastal Management Program, Department of Agriculture and DAWR, and Guam EPA


Public Outreach and Education


Visit our Guam Coral Reefs – Education & Outreach website for more information on Guam’s coral reef ecosystems, coral reef conservation projects, and programs led by local agencies and organizations, as well as local events the public can get involved to learn more about Guam’s coral reef ecosystems and how to help protect and preserve these valuable natural resources.

The website also features information on Guam Year of the Reef 2018, a localized effort to celebrate the International Year of the Reef 2018. You can also follow Guam Year of the Reef through the following social media platform.


Guam Year Of the Reef Newsletters

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Eyes of the Reef


BSP provides funding and technical assistance to the Eyes of the Reef (EOR) Marianas program, which trains local residents to identify and report coral reef health impacts (http://eormarianas.org)

Program Grants and Priorities


Guam Coral Reef Resilience Strategy-June 2019

Guam Coral Reef Resilience Strategy June 2019

Guam Crown-of-Thorns Outbreak Response Plan

Guam Coral Bleaching Response Plan April2017-1

Guam Coral Bleaching Response PlanGuam Coral Bleaching Response Plan April2017-1

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